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Six Years ago …

On 4th of November 2012, Count Upon Security was born. This weekend was it’s 6th anniversary!

I started this project has hobby in my spare time. I wanted to share with the IT Security community material and illustrations which I thought could be useful. Till now I’ve written 112 posts on a variety of security topics. Many with the help of good old friends. Some were short, others took weeks to write. Also 3 articles were written by Ricardo Dias and 1 by Angel Alonso. For what is worth, Akismet statistics reported that the site had 208k views and 135k visitors in 2017. In the last 5 months, due to good reasons, I didn’t have the chance to write new posts/articles. However, I really appreciate all the people who have read one or more articles or use it as reference or in some training material because it gives me incentive to continue. Hopefully, in 6 years from now, in 2024 I hope to still be here contributing to this small alley of the Internet with new content on this always evolving and fascinating industry. Stay tuned and have fun!