2 thoughts on “Digital Forensics – NTFS INDX and Journaling

  1. Tecko says:

    Hi guys,

    You are talking about Logfile and you are analyzing UsnJournal. I think they are confusion about the outcome.


    • Luis Rocha says:

      Hello Tecko, In this particular case I extracted the $LogFile and used LogFileParser from Joakim Schicht to parse it and extract all the metadata.
      This tool is able to reconstruct the metadata about the transaction logs including metadata from the $INDX records.
      On the other hand the $UsnJrnl artifact that resides in %SYSTEMDRIVE%\$Extend\$UsnJrnl would be a different artifact, also valuable, and you could use https://github.com/PoorBillionaire/USN-Journal-Parser to parse it.


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