Day one for Count upon Security

I am very excited about this new project. It will allow me to contribute to the IT security community with material about multiple security disciplines. My goal is to share comprehensive information, increase awareness and provide illustrations about security matters. Optimistically it will allow you to learn new skills, reinforce current ones or just read for fun and pleasure.At the moment I have lots of ideas on my mind about topics that would like to share and discuss with you and just need to start putting them on paper.

One of the main reasons I’m starting this blog is because I work on the security field and based on my experience I have reason to believe that information security industry will continue to grow in size, density and specialization. Therefore the demand for qualified security professionals who possess knowledge and skills will increase substantially. One of my aims is to help you grow your security expertise and awareness, that doesn’t mean you will find a job here but IT security career is a very interesting one to take.

Just recently, this article illustrates this job demand. As you could read, the Homeland Security Department from United States created a new fellowship program designed to attract recent college graduates into cyber security careers. Also they said that its cyber workforce increased by 600 percent over the last few years. Furthermore, the last search I made with keyword security on JobServe for IT & Telecommunications industry in the UK it shows 1429 jobs. On the Swiss job portal the last query I made with the same keyword gave 448 results – quite amazing considering the size of the country.

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